MoistureShield Decking

Composite Materials
Decking, Fencing, and Railing

It’s the ONLY certified green composite decking product on the planet!”

Represented by BB Sales Group

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – US Green Building Council

We’re going to let you in on a few trade secrets … how about Cool Deck Technology….watch the video. TRUE.

It’s absolutely true. Cool deck technology. It’s for real.

A.E.R.T Moisture Shield Decking– The best in the business for a few very good reasons:

LOW-NO FADE Less than two light units
LIFETIME WARRANTY that is transferable
ONLY GROUND contact decking in the business
NO STAINING with bright vibrant colors
DEEP WOOD GRAIN embossed pattern
COOL DECK TECHNOLOGY – A distinguished benefit

  • Know your decking
    • How do I retain the color on my deck?
    • What does Home Depot and Lowes offer?
    • Who cares about GREEN stuff?
    • What composite decking looks best?
    • What is a lifelong warranty?
    • LifeCycle® Fencing is a durable, versatile, environmentally conscious composite fencing material created from recycled plastics and wood fibers. And, it comes with a 25-year limited warranty.

MoistureShield Brochure – Click Here

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