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SELECTFORCE® plastic lumber products are manufactured from high quality recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) to create a long lasting recycled plastic lumber.  SELECTFORCE® is available in a wide variety of colors with color consistency throughout the cross section.  Ultraviolet stabilizers provide resistance to color fading in outside applications.

A SelectForce Playground
SelectForce Playground

Bedford Technology manufactures SELECTFORCE® in two distinct processes called ‘Hard Tool’ and ‘Continuous Extrusion’*.  Each process provides unique product characteristics to fit a wide range of applications.  If you’re working on a project that needs a product with low maintenance, long life expectancy and flexibility in applications, then SELECTFORCE® is the perfect fit.

SELECTFORCE® has been used for many unique applications.  Some of the more common uses have been benches, outdoor furniture, decking, docks, and board walks, parking curbs, trim work, signs and playground equipment.  Give our sales representatives a call with your application ideas.

FIBERFORCE® plastic lumber products are manufactured from high quality recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), ultraviolet stabilizers, colorants and fiberglass strands to increase rigidity.  This added rigidity creates characteristics suited for many structural applications where a wider span, dimensional stability, increased strength or stiffness is required.  FIBERFORCE® is manufactured in both our ‘Hard Tool’ and ‘Continuous Extrusion’ processes*. Examples of applications are; retaining walls, fencing, decks, large equipment mats, light commercial and many marine applications.

FiberForce - TM - Colors
FiberForce – Color pallet

Bedford Technology works directly within the commercial market, at the present time we do not service the residential market. 

*Certain Continuous Extruded colors and grades may require non-recycled material.

Product Features

  • Low maintenance
  • Long life expectancy
  • Various lengths
  • No rotting
  • No splintering
  • No painting or staining
  • Cuts, drills and secures just like wood
  • Available in multiple profiles
  • Available in more than 10 colors
  • Textured surfaces
  • Continuous piece construction
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Resistant to marine borers, termites, fungus, salt and oils



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