Concrete Lumber with Lumbercon USA

Lumbercon USA

Structural Concrete Lumber planks, beams, joists and posts. They span further than wood and won’t rot or burn. They’re a strong, light weight, chemical-free, low-maintenance, affordable alternate to steel frames, glued lumber, composites or treated wood. Structural Concrete Lumber can be drilled, screwed or cut with power tools and surfaced or coated in many colors or patterns.


Structural Concrete Lumber Framing is a strong, low-maintenance, chemical and splinter-free beam, post or joist that won’t rot or burn.


Structural Concrete Lumber Planks are a strong, low maintenance, splinter free profile that spans further than similar-sized wood or plastic.


Revolutionizing Deck Construction

Jumping on Concrete Lumber

Drilling Concrete Lumber

Sawing Concrete Lumber

Throwing Concrete Lumber

Driving on Concrete Lumber

Burning Concrete Lumber

Structural Concrete Lumber products are protected by U.S. Patents #6,971,784, #7,563,017, #7,875,231, #8,297,026. Other U.S. and Foreign Patents are Pending.