LMC ModernView Decking

ModernView Decking by LMC

The BB Sales Group knows today’s homeowners want decking products that feature the look of real wood, offer low maintenance, and come equipped with a warranty that attests to the material’s long-term durability. Professional deck builders want a decking product that provides for design flexibility and the type of quality they can stake their reputation on. It’s no wonder why homeowners and deck builders alike find exactly what they’re looking for in ModernView Decking. This composite decking material was created by a group of independent lumberyards with these and other important attributes in mind.

The goal behind the creation of ModernView Decking was to supply professional deck builders (and their customers) with a composite decking product unlike any other; one that when compared with other composite decking brands would outperform the competition in terms of aesthetics, no hassle installation, environmental consciousness, reliability, and a wide range of application and design possibilities. The end result was a composite decking product that would deliver in every way, making the only call back a thank you.