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– Nycon & Anti Hydro

Introducing two companies with some of the best products you’ll ever see! NyCon G

In addition to Nycon G - Check out Nycon PVA - Bendable ConcreteNycon has pioneered the use of fibers for secondary reinforcement in many products including concrete, asphalt, plastic and soils. A value-added manufacturer and supplier to industry, Nycon has the broadest portfolio of reinforcing fibers, which currently include “Green”, nylon, polypropylene, AR glass, steel, macro, high-dosage synthetic fibers, PVA and steel/synthetic blends. All our reinforcing fibers are available in handy “toss-in” water soluble bags.

The Greenest thing you can do for concrete sustainability, durability, value”

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Anti-Hydro International will provide the solution to your waterproofing, floor hardening, and architectural treatment problems.

Anti Hydro International” increases the chemical reaction (hydration) of portland cement and water by 25% to 35%. That makes all concrete, mortar, stucco, and tile grout 100% waterproof and it is totally non-corrosive!

Holds water back...guaranteed

Our formula is a big secret, nobody else has a single product that does what “Anti-Hydro”® does… nobody!