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Encore Coatings is distributed throughout most of the United States and is rapidly growing international distribution as well. An organization formed by individuals with over 55 years of experience in water-based, polyurethane, and polyurea chemical formulations, Encore is uniquely qualified to provide solutions in a marketplace that is demanding environmentally-friendly, yet effective solutions to their maintenance issues.

Encore Coatings by BB Sales Group

We get lots of similar questions from our customers, so we’ve taken a minute to address a few of the most common ones.  This FAQ page focuses mainly on Encore for Wood because it involves more care and preparation than Encore for Hard Surfaces.  In many cases, the answers apply to both products.  If you have a specific question about one of our products, please contact us.

How does the cost of resurfacing with Encore compare to the cost of replacement?

In several cost comparisons, we have determined that Encore will save you between 64% and 86% over the cost of replacement.  For example, if you have a $10,000 bid to replace your deck, you can resurface it for about $2,200. Add in the fact that your deck is only out of service for a morning compared to several days (when replacing) and realize additional savings and benefits.  

How does Encore for Wood differ from other deck treatment products?

Where deck stains and sealers are designed to penetrate wood, Encore for Wood is designed to “resurface” it.  The Encore formula is designed to migrate deeply into checks and splits in the wood, completely sealing them and protecting the wood from inclement weather.  Encore will also lock down splinters – something stains and sealers can’t do.  Finally, Encore leaves behind a safe, skid-resistant surface.  All in all, Encore is in a different class than sealers and stains because Encore is a high-build resurfacing agent.

What type of expertise lies behind the Encore formulas?

Over fifty years of experience backs the Encore formulas.  You may find knock-offs of Encore because of its remarkable industry potential, but you won’t find the depth of technical expertise and support that you’ll find backing the Encore brand.  We encourage you to survey potential suppliers in regard to their specific experience in the area of coating development. It’s how we emerge as the clear choice.

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Decades of experience is reflected in Encore’s unique green-polymer chemistries. Nano and micronized polymer combinations, carried in various multi-phase emulsions, produce high performance coatings and protectants that solve challenging maintenance issues. Look to Encore for the solution.